At Go GreenEOT ( Energy of Things ) Pvt. Ltd. , we all come to work every day because we love to work around with Energy. Energy can be used in Transportation and that was the reason why Go GreenBOV ( Battery Operated Vehicles ) was born. Go GreenBOV though started back in 2011, now is a part of Go GreenEOT ( Energy of Things ) Pvt. Ltd. ever since started there has been no turning back.

We built our understanding, we built our team and in the process we did sell our products to help and assist us in understand technology better. Having this understanding, team and the will to succeed we would soon be transforming the way energy is used or seen. We are quite confident that we at Go GreenBOV have the strongest team for Electric Vehicle’s in India. As a team we come together with about 107 years experience between the core team.

Driven by a pro-environment consciousness Go GreenEOT ( Energy of Things) believes that true innovation could merge automotive transport with energy initiatives . For years, Go GreenBOV has committed themselves to search for and build an eco-friendly solution for its loyal consumer segment.

We envision ourselves as a facilitator “To reboot our load by actively choosing alternative energy sources that can ensure minimized pollution, maximum profitability, a developed economy and a greener planet. To lend nature a helping hand by reducing pollution by ONE degree every year “

Board Member ::: Ashok CS
Comes in with a 22 year experience in the automotive industry. He started focusing on the art of automobiles in 1988. He was the first person in India to start Petrol cars to Natural Gas conversion kits. He set up a dealership network across India for LPG conversion kits. Was the president of the Auto Gas Association of India for a term and the Vice President for two terms. And now he has taken the role of Managing Director at Go GreenBOV & also is the Managing Director of Go Green EoT ( Energy of Things ) Pvt Ltd.

Responsibilities : Manufacturing, Production, Vendor appointment, Dealer Identification, Production plant Expansion.
Board Member ::: Dhivik A
having finished his engineering from RVCE, Bangalore he set out on the green quest in the space of automotive. Has great interest in Energy as a sector. One of the top contributors to the field of lithium discussion. Energy with electric vehicles is used for mobility. The electric vehicle division is being sold to consumers as Go GreenBOV ( Battery Operated Vehicles ). Go GreenBOV voted as top 11 startups by Entrepreneur Magazine. Current products have found a great acceptance from Students to Old people. Basically with an engineering background has been a main cause for developing business for three MNC companies ( before their launch in India ) as a brand consultant and goto market advisor. spoken at ECS conference in the US, Connected vehicle conference in Taiwan, Electric vehicle seminars in China and Japan. His ability to think out of the box is attributed to his success as a brand consultant prior to starting Go GreenBOV. One amongst the first few divemasters in India and an avid surfer. Holds 6 patents to his name in the field of batteries and battery technology. He holds the post of CEO at Go GreenBOV & is the Executive Director of Go Green EoT ( Energy of Things ) Pvt. Ltd

Additional Capabilities : Marketing, Dealer Appointment, Operations, Technology Upgradation, Storage, Sales and Marketing, Legal.
Prof AK Shukla
With over 48 years experience in Battery Chemistries, specially pertaining to fuel cells, storage batteries and supercapacitors. In the storage batteries two sides which piques his interest is Lead Acid Battery & Supercapacitors. Only Indian residing person to have won the prestigious ECS Battery Technology Award 2015.( http://www.electrochem.org/battery-division-technology-award ) At present is actively engaged in developing high-performance direct methanol, phosphoric acid and polymer electrolyte fuel cells. In the area of storage batteries, the emphasis is on rechargeable lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. The VRLA battery technology has been commercialized by a company at a project cost of Rs.120 million.



Do you know how much can you save by using our electric vehicle? Our saving calculator will help you to get all the information about saving, reducing pollution by using our electric two wheelers in the form of infographic specially designed for you.

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Benefits of driving an electric vehicle.
Electric vehicles have a number of benefits compared to conventional vehicles including:
- Lower maintenance costs
- No Air and noise pollution
- No need of License, number plate and registration
- One can carry the charger and charge it anywhere with the 5A Socket

Difference between an Electric vehicle and conventional petrol vehicles
IC engine vehicles have an energy conversion efficiency of 32% when compared to that of an Electric Vehicle, which is around 92%. And over that, Go Green Battery Operated Vehicles are lighter thus reducing the pressure on the motor and increasing its efficiency.

Are the internal parts of my GO GREENBOV bike waterproofed? Is it safe to use my electric bike during the rainy season?
All critical internal components are securely waterproofed and tested. The rainy season presents no threat to the bike’s superb functioning. However, be careful to ensure that the battery operated vehicle doesn’t get submerged in water.

How to wash my Electric Bike?
You can wash it the usual way. Be careful to wash with the pressurized water at the specified points which will be shown at the time of delivery. As there is not that much oiling, greasing is required in the vehicles, you can also wipe the vehicle with the damp cloth. Ensure the electric bike is completely dry before you start it.

What is the warranty period for my GO GREENBOV bike?
Complete two wheeler warranty is valid for one year. Warranty for the battery is six months.

If the tire of my electric two wheeler gets punctured, can a regular puncture guy repair it?
Definitely, fixing a puncture is simple and easy since the motor connections are given just behind the rear fork guard which is easy to disconnect and reconnect once repaired. Puncture resistant gel is available as an accessory which will not allow the tyre to get punctured.

What is the warranty period for BOV bike?
There are only three major parts in an E-bike which is Motor, Controller and Batteries. The warranty on each of them is as mentioned below:
- Motor and Controller – One year replacement warranty
- Battery - Six months replacement warranty and Six months Service Warranty

Do I need to keep filling distilled water in the batteries as with petrol vehicles?
Not at all. These electric bikes used sealed lead acid batteries and hence require no maintenance.

Availability of Spares
Most of the parts are readily available in the market. And our dealers will usually have the stock of the parts like fibre which is not available in the market and if not , it will be arranged in day or two.

Power Consumption for one complete charge
The power consumption varies according to the GoGreen Battery Operated Vehicle that a customer has opted for. Usually it varies between 1 to 2.5 units which would roughly cost about Rs 5 to Rs 10.

Average battery life.
The battery would last upto 20,000 Kms. And with the proper maintenance it would be more.

Do I need to keep filling distilled water in the batteries as with petrol vehicles?
Not at all. These electric bikes used sealed lead acid batteries and hence require no maintenance.

Ways to improve the battery life.
It is recommended to charge the GoGreenBOV Batteries as and when you get an opportunity to charge & avoid complete discharge in use.
- You should charge the batteries if it has not been used for 3-4 weeks or more
- Battery should not be stored in discharged condition for a longer period
- Always use GogreenBOV supplied / approved charger

Who can ride an Electric Bike?
Anyone over the age of 16 can legally ride an electric bicycle.

Will it affect the Batteries if Charger is ON even after charging is over?
Any lead acid battery charger has this mode of trical charging. This is to maintain the batteries at the fully charged condition, as the Lead batteries has a tendency of Open Circuit discharge. So, once there is a green light in the charger, the charger should be removed from connection with the batteries within two to three hours.
IT is ‘U’ who can … Stop Pollution and Start a Revolution!



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